L’home has utilized the plants from the first temps. At first, as food, fuel and construction material, later to dye, make eines, dye or as medicine. The use of plants to ward off ill health or alleviate symptoms is almost as old as humanity.

In the Valencian Country, due to its geographical, orthographic and climatological characteristics, there is a large number of aromatic, medicinal and condiment plants, some of them endemic, and a tradition of these plants that have been cultivated for centuries and that are badly it was lost-to be replaced by those of synthetic drugs. Fortunately, this trend is changing because the society is experiencing a renewed interest in natural products not only in the field of food and cosmetics, but also for products related to health.

This great variety of aromatic, medicinal and seasoning plants constitutes a great potential for the development of a great variety of economic activities based on their profit, from the wild collection of these fine plants to their cultivation, transformation or commercialization

Hi there are various sectors that are demanding these products. In the first place, the food sector, which consumes the dried plant for infusions and for condiments, essences with aromatizers and extracts with flavors. The restaurant uses, in addition to dry seasonings, a fresh plant for the elaboration of certain dishes. The liquor industry also uses plants and essences, among which stand out the DO begudes traditional spirits from Alicante, as well as herbs from the Serra de Mariola and lavender. Another sector that demands these products is that of health, which uses dry plants, essences and extracts. Lastly, the other great sectors interested in these products is that of cosmetics and perfumery.

An example of economic activity arising from the aprofitament of these resources is Herbes del Molí. This company was born in Comtat, a region with small populations that pateixen the problem of depopulation with respect to other larger nearby cities, such as Alcoi, Concentaina or Muro. Surrounded by the hills of Mariola, Benicadell, Safor and Almudaina and close to Aitana, the area is very well known for the variety and quality of its six aromatic and medicinal plants.

The Company starts the activity in 1980 with the collection of wild plants and the subsequent sale in the markets of prosperous towns. Along with the participation in craft markets and other fires, the market is obrint-se and the increase in demand leads, after different business projects, to the creation of Herbes del Molí Coop. V, in 1991, with a clear vocation for quality products, committed to a principle of certified products according to the standards of organic farming.

Initially located in an old hydraulic mill in Alcosser de Planes (of which they get the name), the growth of the activities and the needs of the business have led to the fact that in 2006 the company will move to a few new installations in Benimarfull .

Currently, Herbes del Molí works mainly with more than 250 plants, in three business lines, always within the scope of aromatic plants and condiments. D’una banda, is a wholesaler of ecological plants and essences (mainly national) that supplies both small ecological processing companies (bakery, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.) as well as other international wholesalers.

D’altra banda, packages amb les seues marques (Herbes del Molí, Artemís, Naturesana) a wide range of finished products (essències, condiments, infusions, etc…)

Finally, it is a service company that packages distributor brands (white label) to a wide selection of national and international clients, who supply from large surfaces to small franchises.

Herbes del Molí strives to prune in the market products and services of the highest quality and that meet the highest expectations of consumers. It bets on ecological products, convinced that it is the only form of sustainable production in the long term, and that in the present it presents a value that affects our products. We are also aware that we are producing food, and that we are not both offering food of great quality, but rather that, moreover, they must be food safe for the consumer.

In order to achieve the objectives of quality and food safety, Herbes del Molí has implemented a management system for quality and food safety. This system integrates, in addition to quality and food safety, the prevention of labor risks and the management of waste. The system, based on ISO 9000, has been audited and certified according to the IFS standard and ISO 220000.

This management system also complies with the principles of organic production, and is certified according to European regulations (Regulation no. 834/2007). D’altra banda, next in line with regard to the environment, is the first Spanish company to obtain the Fair Wild certification, which ensures its sustainability.

Our company, aware of its serious responsibility, has also opted to treat suppliers from disadvantaged areas, in order to follow the principles of fair trade, and we have the Fair Trade certification as importers and processors by FLO-Cert.

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