Quality and Safety Policy Food

Herbes del Molí SL is a company dedicated to the processing of dry herbs and spices for more than 30 years. The management wants to transmit through this Policy, its commitment to all its workers as well as to the quality and food safety of all our products.

Our ultimate goal is to maintain the highest level of quality and food safety in the products and services provided to our customers, and always responding to current legal and regulatory requirements while complying with the most demanding quality and food safety standards.

To achieve this objective, the management of Herbes del Moli assumes its responsibility for the Culture of Quality and Food Safety and guarantees it through the following points.

  • Support the correct management of the quality system by promoting the Culture of Quality and Food Safety at all levels of the organization.
  • Provide all staff with the necessary means and training that stimulates motivation and satisfaction for a job well done, as well as the production of safe and quality food.
  • Continuously improve both human and material resources to improve process control.
  • Apply a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system to guarantee the safety of our products.
  • Establish adequate communication channels at all levels to maintain the effectiveness of the quality and food safety management system. Internal communication favors a participatory environment among employees, facilitating teamwork and continuous improvement in all areas. External communication with customers and suppliers as well as with authorities allows us to reflect all suggestions, complaints or relevant information in our quality and food safety management system.
  • Control and avoid any malicious action by our own or external personnel that may affect the safety of our products by applying Food Defense measures.
  • Implement implement measures to control and detect possible economically motivated fraud actions through the application of the food fraud prevention plan, Food Fraud.
  • All our processes are committed to the Environment, by optimizing resources and proper waste management.
  • Maintain a policy of ethical and labor responsibility in all areas, with special respect for human rights. Measures are adopted to prevent and eliminate occupational risks through improvement actions to guarantee the health and safety of people in their jobs. We involve the entire supply chain requesting respect for the fundamental conventions of the ILO and in particular as regards child labour.

This policy follows the path of the company’s Quality Objectives, it is communicated to all personnel and those interested parties, being exposed publicly.