For more than 30 years, Herbes del Molí has followed a common philosophy of life.

Respect for what surrounds us is a current lifestyle in which we have been pioneers.

We want to respect nature, we have to find, individually and collectively, another lifestyle. It is not only necessary to consume more ecological products, it is also necessary to consume less, recycle, save water and energy, not use toxic products,… Continuous reflection is necessary on our relationship with the environment and on our responsibility in the contribution we can make to the environment to improve it.

Respecting the environment and nature should lead us to change our way of living and our attitude towards the world and towards ourselves. In our daily lives, people can carry out a number of actions that contribute to improving the environment based on respect for the places where we live (neighborhood, town, city). Acting and reflecting in a more concrete way on the environment of the school, the neighbourhood… is a way of intervening on processes that, in the long run, transform society globally.

Ultimately, the Planet will correspond to our actions. We must decide if we want to keep it in habitable conditions, even if this means certain sacrifices, or on the contrary, if we want to live without thinking about the future or the consequences. Let us not forget, however, that the world does not end when we end. We leave a legacy for future generations.

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