Our turmeric is produced in the Idukki district of Kerala, India where small farmers produce it sustainably. The crops are inspected and certified by independent and internationally recognized control bodies.

This crop is annual, it is sown between April and May and harvested between December and February. Once the rhizome has been extracted, they are washed and chopped and then left to dry in the sun. They are then transported by boat to the peninsula and once at our facilities in Benimarfull (Alicante), they are analyzed as soon as they arrive to guarantee the absence of pesticides, pathogenic microorganisms or their toxins, and other contaminants.

The product is also subjected to a series of physical-chemical analyzes to prevent fraud and guarantee its botanical identity.

Once all the quality controls have been passed, the product is ground in our facilities.

The process, called “cryomilling” is carried out with the help of liquid nitrogen to prevent the heating of the turmeric and the loss of active ingredients sensitive to heat (thermolabile).

Later it is packaged and our quality department reviews all the controls carried out during the process, takes samples and releases the batch so that it can be marketed.

Idukki in Kerala (India)

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