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organic ginger

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organic ginger

Our organic ginger is grown in Guangxi province (China) a highly disadvantaged high-mountain area due to the lack of road communications and slow economic development, where twenty small farmers have come together so that their families can live with dignity from their work, since this crop is their only way to earn a living. All plots are certified for organic farming by independent and internationally recognized control bodies.

This crop is annual, it is sown between April and May on hillsides at high altitude, and it is harvested between October and November. The part of the plant used are the rhizomes. Once extracted, they are transported on the backs of mules to the base, where they are washed and chopped and then left to dry in the sun. They are then transported by boat to the peninsula, and once at our facilities in Benimarfull (Alicante), the raw material is analyzed as soon as it arrives to guarantee the absence of pesticides and pathogens.

When the batch obtains the approval of our quality department, and through a process known as cryo-grinding, the ginger pieces are submerged in a bath of liquid nitrogen (an inert gas that constitutes 78% of the air we breathe), which freeze at a very low temperature to go immediately to the mill where they are pulverized. In this way, the ginger is prevented from heating up due to friction inside the mill and thus keeps all its properties intact.

Later it is packaged, and our quality department, which has supervised the entire process, takes samples, checks and releases the batch so that it can be marketed.

Alberto Garcia

organic ginger